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Become the best you can be

The Karate Programme is for all comers who can train independently.  Safety is of high importance and training may be modified accordingly.  Adults of all ages and abilities are welcome and encouraged.  Students are expected to follow the etiquette and routines of karate-do and always be polite and respectful to others.  As a traditional school our training consists of the elements of basic technique (kihon), practice patterns (kata) and practical application (kumite). 

Training is conducted with experienced martial arts instructors with the spirit of ‘Osu’, or perseverance.  Kanzen Karate aims to provide students with the tools to have a ‘Budo’ mind.  While we work with a formal syllabus, we encourage your personal development in the Martial Way. 


To be successful as a student, we expect karate-ka to participate in all aspects of the karate-do.  We provide opportunities to improve health and fitness (kenko), participate Karate Fighting (kyogi), learn self defence and develop a deep understanding of budo.  We want to help students become resilient to the rigours of life, develop a resolute spirit and overcome tendencies to ‘give up’.  The class has the formal structures associated with Japanese karate.

If you are still unsure Kanzen Karate also runs separate Chldren's and Beginners Programmes which introduces participants to the concepts of Our Karate and is a gateway to the General class.

Find your way to ‘Our Karate’ to understand this programme a little better, but remember you can only learn karate by ‘doing’.

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