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Little Ninjas – Kids Karate for Sydney’s Budding Martial Arts Enthusiasts

The ability for children to grasp new ideas and readily learn new techniques makes our Little Ninjas program an ideal beginner’s platform for kids’ karate in Sydney. Our program guides children in learning self-respect and respect for others while building confidence and countering bullying.

Allow Your Child to Reach Their Potential

The Little Ninjas programme is for our youngest children, from about Year 1.  The purpose of this program is to promote self-confidence and socialization while having fun.  The training tasks are simplified to build on the natural strength and flexibility of very young children in a Child-Friendly environment of equality and fair play.  We use a mixture of formal and informal structures appropriate for children of this age and concentrate on physical mobility.  We help to build self-confidence and conflict avoidance.

Join One of the Best Karate Schools in Sydney

Qualified martial arts instructors and their devotion to sharing the knowledge of Kyokushin karate ensures we remain a trusted establishment. Join Simon Pullman (5th Dan) on Tuesdays and Thursdays for an inspiring and engaging 30-minute class. We recommend you book in advance to avoid any disappointment.

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