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Simon Shihan


Meet your new Instructor.

Simon Shihan

“From the first time I walked into a dojo in Sydney’s Inner West, I knew that karate would be always in my life.  To witness the strength and power in that training hall and the personal and group spirit within, I knew it was what I was looking for.  This was in 1986.  I completed the Shodan test in 1990 and was recognised by the world esteemed Oyama Masutatsu Sosai in 1991.  Meeting and training with some of the best Martial Artists in the world now allows me to share my knowledge with the next generation as they seek the Ultimate Truth.”

Your instructor, Simon Shihan has been training for over 3 decades in the art of Kyokushin Karate inspiring many in his journey.  He has successfully competed in many State-wide and National Knockdown Kyokushin Tournaments. He is diligent in his search for the true meaning of the Martial Way, and now shares his experience broadly.  He brings a wealth of expertise in Martial Arts as a sport, as a means of Self Defence, and as a way of life.  Under the esteemed guidance of Kyoshi Jim Phillips, Oceania Branch Chief, for over twenty years your instructor has upheld the legacy of Kyokushin Karate, demonstrating unwavering commitment to imparting knowledge and wisdom.  His approach transcends physical training, nurturing the mind and spirit to help both young and young at hearts to realise their dreams through the rigours of dedicated practice.  He is guided by the Karate Master Kazuyuki Hasegawa and IKO World Zen Kyokushin.  Our Martial Art is for all.  Through training of the body, mind and spirit, Simon will mentor and guide you through the rigours of hard training to you realise your dreams.

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