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Enhance Your Skills in a Family-Friendly Environment With Karate Classes in Sydney

 Close to Enmore, Newtown, Dulwich Hill, Stanmore, Redfern, Alexandria, St Peters and Sydenham, Karate Classes are at the Herb Greedy Hall on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30pm and 10:30am Saturday.  Children are welcome to join the Saturday classes.  Beginners and new straters are under no obligation on their first visit.

Register your interest by completing the online form and we will inform you when we're ready to start.

The basic techniques at Kanzen Karate Classes in Sydney provide the building blocks to combine formal exercises and practical information for self-defence. Your instructor demonstrates and guides you throughout each lesson, with knowledge gained through hard work and dedication.  We maintain a safe and nurturing environment - avoiding injury where there is no intention to harm.

Kara-te, meaning ‘empty hand’, emphasises using the weapons nature gave us. We train for speed and power of technique with the ability to react spontaneously. Working on improving your physical condition and mindset, our self-defence classes within Sydney can give you the skills to protect yourself. Physically, you will learn to stand, move, and breathe effectively, while learning about concentration and focusing with a clear mind. 

We design the exercises to stretch and strengthen your muscles, increase the range of movement of joint flexibility, and improve general health and overall well-being. While you may experience tenderness, a regular training routine will increase your fitness and reduce stiffness over time.

To develop your skills, we push your mental and physical limits so you can improve your performance and achieve your martial arts goals.

Our Martial Arts Classes in Sydney

Whether to learn self-defence, boost your confidence, or improve your fitness, we cater to all ages and abilities. We will discover your limitations and develop your strengths.

Our classes can benefit people of all ages. While we follow the same curriculum, we tailor each age group to accommodate ability.


Try a Commitment-Free Trial

Not sure if karate is right for you? Come in for Consultation, Introductory Lesson and Assessment available for both kids and adult karate classes.


Register your interest by completing the online form and we’ll get back to you.

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