Power Karate





Achieve your goals at work, school and in your personal life with the Martial Arts of Power Karate as passed down by Kyokushin Master Jim Phillips.

“When you achieve, we all achieve. 

This is the Way of Karate”: Kancho Jim Phillips






The core philosophy of Kanzen Karate is Courage, Respect and Honesty.  We believe these core values are developed through conscientious training.  The training is Kyokushin Karate as taught by Mas Oyama and handed down directly by his students.


We practice within the three pillars of Mind (shin), Technique (gi) and Body (tai) – 心 技 体 – and aim for continuous improvement (kaizen) – 改 善 - in all aspects.



Operating out of the Inner West of Sydney, Kanzen Karate aims to provide students with the tools to have a ‘Budo’ mind.  We work with a formal syllabus in the kyokushin style to build health and fitness and to encourage personal development in the Martial Way.  Kanzen Karate provides for all shapes and sizes, ages and abilities, to improve overall fitness in a fun and challenging environment.


Our Karate Classes operate on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Annette Kellerman Aquatic Centre at 6:00pm.  Children's  and Beginners classes will shortly commence on Saturdays.

All classes are conducted by highly qualified martial arts instructors.  Your Head karate instructor is Simon Pullman Shihan, 5th Dan Black Belt.

Register your interest by completing the online form or come along to a class for a karate experience.

  • Karate Class for young and old over 14yo.

    Tue, Thu

    1 hr

  • Introduction to the concepts of Karate

    Tue, Thu

    1 hr

  • Karate for Teenagers

    Tue, Thu

    45 min

  • Have fun and build self-confidence and counter bullying

    Tue, Thu

    30 min

  • Trial Lesson with One-on-One and Group tuition.

    Tue, Thu

    1 hr

    10 Australian dollars