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Kanzen Karate Sydney
Herb Greedy Hall Marrickville

Join our traditional karate dojo in Sydney's Inner West to learn Kyokushin and develop discipline, respect and physical fitness.

Develop Character and Discipline Through Kanzen’s Karate Classes in Sydney

This is a Lifestyle Choice

Achieve your goals in your personal life with the Martial Arts of Power Karate.  Our purpose is to provide a nurturing, and empowering environment for all ages, a Complete Karate, where students can develop in mind, body, and spirit to master the Way of Karate.

“When you achieve, we all achieve.

This is the Way of Karate” - Kyoshi Jim Phillips

Shihan Simon

About Kyokushin Karate in Sydney – Our Philosophy

Kyokushin, also known as the strongest karate, means ‘ultimate truth’ in Japanese. This practice focuses on realistic fighting techniques, including attack and defence methods presented in authentic situations.

The core philosophy of Kanzen Karate is Courage, Respect and Honesty, developing these fundamental values through conscientious training. Kyokushin is the true fighting style of Mas Oyama. Our practice develops physical and mental strength through continuous improvement (kaizen) – 改 善.

As a Power Karate Dojo, we exemplify a set of core values that guide practitioners in their journey:

  • Integrity – honesty, sincerity, and moral uprightness.

  • Respect – dignity and diversity in a supportive environment.

  • Discipline – self-control and considered choices.

  • Perseverance – resilient spirit and positive affirmation.

  • Humility – modesty, an absence of arrogance.


Classes in a Safe Environment That Promote Growth

As a martial arts academy in Marrickville, operating from the heart of the Inner West of Sydney, Kanzen Karate aims to provide students with the tools to develop a ‘Budo’ mindset. We work with a formal syllabus in the Kyokushin style to build health and fitness while encouraging personal development in the Martial way. We cater to all backgrounds, ages, and abilities to improve overall fitness in a fun and challenging atmosphere.

Our karate classes take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays close to the shopping strip and Public Transport. Chat with us about classes for children and beginners. We also offer private lessons on request.

All instructors are highly qualified in martial arts.  Our Head karate instructor is Simon Shihan, 5th Dan Black Belt.

Register your interest by completing the online form. Alternatively, join a trial martial arts class in Sydney for a karate experience.

  • Young Lions cater to teens in 45-minute a class

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    Duration Varies

  • Little Ninjas training for younger children in 30-minute classes

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    Duration Varies

  • Our Kanzen Karate classes cater to all ages with 1.5 and 2-hour slots.

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    Duration Varies

  • Our beginner’s karate classes for those new to martial arts

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    1 hr

  • 10 Sessions Personal Training Private Programme

    1 hr 30 min

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