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End of Year Update

Updated: Aug 3, 2023


Thank you to everyone for their support and efforts throughout 2022. Special congratulations to those who competed during the year. We had a few opportunities to mix with other dojos and train with other instructors within Power Karate, especially our Honbu at Mascot. Take these learning experiences forward to next year. To everyone who has graded, please be aware that a grading recognises your development as a martial artist and is not something that comes as a matter of course. For myself, I need to thank those who guide my own development, especially Kyoshi Jim Phillips and Shihan Cameron Quinn, whose online presence is invaluable.

The last training for the year will be Tuesday 20th December and we will resume on Thursday 5th January. Note that training in January will be dogi-optional and concentrating on general fitness. Back to normal as of Tuesday 31st January. For the year ahead, please set yourselves some personal training goals based on your current level and how you intend to grow as a martial artist. The following can provide a framework on which to build, in addition to new kata and techniques that come with each grade:

  1. Orange Belt - Default Body Shape with active stance, fixed gaze between the gate, and good body positioning.

  2. Blue Belt - Fundamentals of Footwork with a dominant head position.

  3. Yellow Belt - Survival Shapes. Learn to defend against the core attacks.

  4. Green Belt – Defence and Attack, shifting between key fight ranges. Encouraging new students.

  5. Brown Belt – Optimal distance and angle control. First stage of Yudansha, or becoming a black belt. Developing competencies at all ranges.

For Sempai Terry, who holds a special position in the dojo, the aim is to further develop as a teacher and mentor.

Similarly, we all need to continue to work on athletic outcomes:

1. Speed

2. Strength

3. Stamina (Cardio-vascular fitness)

4. Suppleness (Flexibility)

5. Sturdiness (Impact Resistance)

I hope that there will be opportunities to participate in events throughout the coming year. Focusing on the above will give you the best chance to achieve results of which you can be proud.

Persevere in your training, in Kyokushin,

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